KrasoTherm®H Hybrid Heating System in versions up to 4000 kW (more upon request)

Hybrid unit out of steam- and hot water unit

Only from KrasoTech®!

  • Generating of steam AND hot water in one device
  • Steam generator system especially developed for the pipe renovation
  • Especially compact design with low weight KrasoTherm®S 150 kg Steam /hrs. available already up from 115 kg weight
  • Generating of low temperature steam possible!
    Ideal for sensitive materials, media and for an optimal heating curve
  • Best possible curing results due to humidity control of the steam
  • Especially fast production of an appropriate steam quality
  • Multiphase function for highest flexibility
  • Also suitable for pressure liner! Steam generation up to 4 bar or higher as desired
  • Optional touch screen operation includive help software for questions

Fully automatic version
Once the desired program sequence has been entere heat up, holding and cool down phase Will be automatical done and regulated.
A full documentation of all data will take place!

  • Aluminium– and stainless steel construction
  • Very compact system with high heating power
  • Stepless temperature regulation
  • Integrated bypass
  • Approved system with safety features
  • Hooks for transport by crane
  • Acoustic and visual warning signal with error report in case of an incident
  • Stationary or mobile rack
KrasoTherm100 H
Data collection
  • External collection of all data via KrasoTech® Software
  • Personalised protocol with your logo!
  • External controlling and monitoring via PC or touch screen
  • Export of all Data via USB or WIFI