KrasoMix® in versions from 6 up to 100 kg/min mixed product (more upon request)

The KrasoMix® iare one to multi-component mixing systems for the consumption material of your choice.
Here you can choose whether you want to mix eopxy, polyester, vinylester or similar resins.
The user won‘t come in contact with the components during the mixing process, this guarentees a clean and safe working.
An automatical warning signal and tone with error description will ocure in case of an failure resp. automatic stop, if no independent self-adjustment could have been made by the system.
This guarentees the highest possible quality and safety for you, your employees and the final customer.

  • Made of high quality aluminium and/or stainless steel
  • Automatical and additional manual operating mode choice
  • Electronical monnitoring and recording of all system information
  • Intelligent system with automatical regulation and adjustment of the parameters for the particular jobsite .
  • Special feed pumps
  • Integrated, climatized component tanks analog and digital level indicator
  • Additional external manterial connection
  • Selfcleaning system
  • Pre-homogenisation of the components
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Recording of room, outside and media temperature
  • Recording of jobsite, media and system data
  • Digital flow rate display of total and partial amount
  • Electronical error information including solving advice
  • Mobile or stationary version possible
  • Personalised software and impregnation protocol with your logo!

KrasoMix® Kombi

For an ideal impregnated liner ask for our KrasoMix® Kombi.
This hybrid device out of our KrasoWalk® impregnation unit and our KrasoMix® mixing unit with optional integrated vacuum pump.

  • Vacuuming
  • Impregnation
  • Impregnation
  • Recording
KrasoMix Kombi

Please contact us directly for additional information on the KrasoMix® and its extensions.