KrasoWalk® EP in versions up to DN1500 (more upon request)

The KrasoWalk® EP are compact impregnation units with electrical roller drive and electro-pneumatic roller closing and opening for highest safety.
This product is predistined for installations inside vehicles,trailers, containers or work halls.

  • Made of high quality aluminium and/or stainless steel
  • Calibration rollers with special coating - especially easy to clean!
  • Synchronised drive of both calibration rollers
  • Drive rotation direction forwards and reverse
  • Stepless speed regulation
  • Fully automatic electro-pneumatical closing and opening of the rollers
  • MEMORY Function on gap adjustment provides highest precision
  • Gap adjustment via setting wheel display ( 0,1mm precision) and digital on extended controlling
  • Emergency STOP Button Automatical immediate separation of the calibration rollers and system stop
  • Transparent safety flap with emergency STOP function
  • Mobile and stationary version possible
  • Devices in all sizes from lateral up to main pipe lining
  • Extremly durable and low-maintenanced
  • Logo and colour integration as desired!
  • Assembled to suit your needs for highest efficiency!
KrasoWalk EP 300
KrasoWalk® EP Extensions:
  • Roller conveyor extension (foldable, attachable,adjustable angle,etc.)
  • Electrical driven conveyor belt extension
  • External controlling, monitoring and recording (jobsite data, liner data, speed,etc.) via PC or touch screen via KrasoTech® Software
  • Personalised protocol with your logo!
KrasoWalk EP 1000
KrasoWalk EP 600
KrasoWalk EP 800

Please contact us directly for additional information on the KrasoWalk® EP and its extensions.